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High absorption, no laxative effect, and a perfect taste profile

What is chelated Magnesium Bisglycinate?

The reaction of amino acids with a mineral, performed at special controlled conditions, will form a unique product, “chelate.”
A chelate is a compound that contains several ligands bonded to a central mineral, in this case, magnesium and glycine as ligands. Glycine suits very well dueto its small molecular size and ability to form tight and stable bonds with the metal ion at the center of the chelate. When ligands chelate a mineral, they forma protective shell around it.
Magnesium bisglycinate is a stable, highly absorbable mineral complex with the advantage of being more tolerable from a digestion point of view and morestable in dietary supplements.

Bisglycinate vs other magnesium forms
Most magnesium salts are poorly absorbed; high magnesium dosages used to compensate for low bioavailability may cause laxative effects. Organic salts, likecitrates, gluconates, and soluble organic complexes, like bisglycinates, have a higher bioavailability than inorganic salts. For that reason, many formulatorschoose Magnesium Bisglycinate due to its bioavailability and the many benefits, including not having a laxative effect.

Dietary Supplements
Excellent Solubility
Neutral Flavor Profile, less metallic taste
Better Flow Ability
High Absorption/Bioavailability
No Laxative Effect
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