Our team of technology scientists are continuously investigating new application areas for our products
Our technical and quality service provide our customers the individual support they require to resolve their technical challenges. Our team of experts are constantly inspecting new global trends to apply in our new developments or to improve existing products. With more than 50 years of experience, we provide our customers with tailor-made solutions for their requirements.
Below you can find frequently asked questions and answers
Is Gadot Euro1 certified?
A: Yes. Please contact us for further details.
Are all Gadot products Kosher and Halal certified?
A: Yes, Gadot products are Kosher, Kosher Badatz and Halal certified. Please check our Downloads page for further information.
Are Gadot products Allergen free?
A: Yes.
Are GBi products Non-GMO certified?
A: Yes, Gadot in Non-GMO certified. Please check our Downloads page for further information.
Does GBi have capabilities to manufacture other products than the ones listed on the website?
A: Yes, we are always developing new ideas and are open to new products and applications. Please contact us to explore additional options
Does GBi manufacture its products and where are the production sites?
A: Yes, we manufacture our products in Israel, Thailand and the U.S.
Where are GBi’s stocking locations?
A: Haifa, Israel.
Breda, Holland.
Chicago, USA.
California, USA.
What is the bioavailability of Gadot's products?
A: Gadot prides itself in manufacturing high bioavailable organic products that are absorbed into the body.
Does Gadot have soluble solutions?
A: We provide a wide range of soluble solutions, pending on application such as Magnesium Anhydrous, Gadomag+ and Gadocal K.
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