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GBi is a leading manufacturer of food and nutraceutical ingredients, committed to providing the quality products and reliable supply our customers demand.
GBi has been meeting the needs of the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, and detergent industries for more than 50 years from its facility in Haifa, Israel, and has earned a worldwide reputation for its quality, service, and responsiveness.
Our sales network and strategically located distribution points offer reliable on-time responses and deliveries to key markets around the world. Our skilled technical service team continues to work with our customers to develop formulations, scale up new products and enhance processes to meet the requirements of the complex and changing markets we serve.
Our natural ingredients accommodate our client's specific needs and contributes to healthier, tastier products with high bioavailability.


our values


GBi is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all staff by providing the information, training and supervision needed to achieve this.
  • The company’s management consistently strives to improve the training of all employees and update their knowledge of the health, safety and environmental procedures as well as providing them with the means to manage their activities responsibly in terms of quality and environment.
  • Good environmental management is central to our activities and we seek to limit the direct and indirect impacts of our business and enhance environmental quality in areas where it has influence.
  • GBi acknowledges environmental management in preserving resources with consideration to water, land and air as these issues are a priority and a crucial factor in the operational activity of the company.
  • The company is committed to continuously improving its environmental plans and operations to prevent environmental pollution, while committing to work and act according to the requirements of every law and regulation.

Integrated Company Policy

Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environmental Policy

Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd manufactures and markets additives for the food, beverage, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and detergent industries.

As a leading company in its field, Gadot focuses on the customer´s needs to achieve their complete satisfaction.

The company is committed to providing safe products for its customers while following its occupational health, environmental, and safety procedures; it will act to ensure its employees’ health and safety and prevent occupational diseases.

The company is committed to providing safe products for its customers while following its environmental and occupational health and safety procedures.

Gadot maintains management systems and is certified according to the following standards:

  • FSSC 22000 – Food Safety Management System
  • GMP – Good manufacturing practice approved by the Ministry of Health
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety management system

The company’s management team is committed to complying with the requirements of all laws, monitoring and implementing changes as needed.

Gadot maintains a system of procedures following the requirements of product safety and quality standards, occupational health and safety, and environmental requirements.

Therefore, the company has set the following objectives:

  • Supplying safe and quality products to customers
  • Reducing environmental pollution from its operations in the air, at sea, and on land
  • Reducing the safety risks for its employees, contractors, and guests
  • Development of processes and products while preventing safety risks for consumers, employees, and the environment
  • Systematic and constant performance measurement and evaluation of the achievements as set by these goals

To achieve these objectives, the company will set clear and measurable goals each year, determine responsibilities and allocate appropriate resources.

Gadot holds training sessions to increase employee awareness of all quality requirements, product safety, environmental care, and occupational health and safety.

The company’s management team takes measures to incorporate an organizational culture at all levels to emphasize a hygienic environment for its products, strictness, compliance with safety guidelines and regulations, occupational health and safety, and environmental quality. The company performs a risk assessment while systematically identifying risk factors to reduce them to an acceptable level. The company will not allow the performance of activities in which there is an unacceptable risk.

Gadot shares with its employees the activities in all areas of quality and safety as a necessary condition for its business success and achieving its goals.

The company’s management team will encourage the initiatives of its managers and employees for continuous improvement in the company.

Gadot recognizes the integration of the various quality systems as an essential pillar for its development, prosperity, and economic strengthening.


Ohad Cohen
Rony Cohen
Youval Saly
Sales & Marketing VP
Ran Mendelaw
Osnat Menachem
R&D Manager
Adva Franco
QA Manager
Michael Paikin
Chief Technologist

Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd.
117 Hahistadrut Ave.
P.O. Box 10636
Haifa Bay 2629213, Israel


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